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The Prime time Emmy Awards 2013 had quite a lot to offer. Awards were won, great performances for the year were felicitated, but most of all, the awards told a story- ‘The Couture Story’. Gowns in all shapes and sizes, in all colours and silhouettes, screamed all over the red carpet. For a moment, the scene felt like one from for a big fat wedding shower; but then we can’t really blame the TV starlets, can we? After all, the day is much awaited by one and all, from the Television fraternity to the rest of the world. So, taking the Haute Couture’ lane does become quite a necessity.


But before I proceed with the fashion saga that highlighted the event, I would love to pour in some general yet interesting Emmy Facts.


    • The first Emmy Awards were presented on January 25, 1949 at the Hollywood Athletic Club, but solely to honor shows produced and aired locally in the Los Angeles area.
    • The Emmy statuette, depicting a winged woman holding an atom, was designed by television engineer Louis McManus, who used his wife as the model. The TV Academy rejected a total of forty-seven proposals before settling on McManus’ design in 1948.
    • The statuette symbolizes the TV Academy’s goal of supporting and uplifting the art and science of television: “The wings represent the muse of art; the atom the electron of science.”
    • When deciding a name for the award, Academy founder Syd Cassyd originally suggested “Ike”, the nickname for the television iconoscope tube. However, “Ike” was also the popular nickname of World War II hero and future U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and therefore Academy members wanted something more unique. Finally, television engineer and the third academy president, Harry Lubcke, suggested the name “Immy”, a term commonly used for the image orthicon tube used in the early cameras. After “Immy” was chosen, it was later feminized to Emmy to match their female statuette.

    Now that we have had enough of Emmy memory-lane talk, let us get down to the real deal, the fashion deal. Have a look at the trends that were set, styles that raked the oomphmeter and fashion direction that is here to stay (atleast for a while). At findable.in, we do have some Emmy close-calls; grab them before the sensible fashionsta rips the must-haves away.


Whites, lights and laces were on a roll. Kerry Washington stunned the carpet in Marchesa while Emily Deschanel wore a single sleeved lacy piece by Houghton. Claire Danes went a tad too deep, to be precise naval deep with her Armani Prive while Jewel shone in her Tony Ward. To keep up with the spirit, we made sure we stock a sizzling Alice & Olivia Bustier Dress in lace, pleats and delicate straps. This soft number is sure to steal one’s heart away, far far away!


This was followed by a set of some more gorgeous whites and lights, beaming in a different avatar. Added to the lace team, was some crochet net and the right dash of bling. Julianna Marguiles wore a unique strapless gown by Reed Krakoff, Julia-Dreyfus chose a safe Monique Lhullier while both Malin Akerman and Kate Mara took the J.Mendel route. The former chose a lacy gown that accentuated her curves while the latter preferred an extended slit instead (though we have to admit, Kate Mara looked every bit uncomfortable.) Seeing the white madness, we made sure we do no goof-up and add for you a brilliant Stella McCartney Mix Cady. This classy piece can so never go wrong.


Bored of lace already? Sorry, but there is more. Luckily, in a plethora of subtle colours and varying styles. January Jones exhibited a sexy and strapless Givenchy while Laura Dem went in for an unusual Naeem Khan. Julie Posen chose a ruffled and layered Zac Posen while Alfre Woodard gleamed in an onion pink Tadashi Shoji that complimented her body type real well. As for you our dear darlings, we have a super-hot Dolce and Gabbana lace dress in a rare petrol green. Once in it, pay attention to the men swooning over you and the women turning green (let’s say the rare petrol green) with envy.


Finally, the lights did manage to see a different light, atleast in terms of the fabric choice and silhouette. Also, to add to the charm was the much-needed touch of monochrome- elegant and truly chic. Carrie Preston oozed sophistication in her Romona Kevesa. The hint of black did succeed in creating the desired magic. Anna Gunn also picked a Romona Kevesa, and ‘the oh-so perfect one for her’ at that. Elisabeth Moss looked no less a stunner in her Andrew Gn. She could not help making the men, as well as the women drool. Cobie Smulders picked just the right J.Mendel for her beautiful being. Now that all you women are wishing you could possess one of these babies, we want to be your genie- here, have a look at this dual Alice & Olivia Bodice dress with a sheer flare. Tell us, we are the best possible genie you pretty Aladdin can ever have (okay fine, we will call you Jasmine instead, but then.. we are slightly biased towards Aladdin).


Alright then, I think it is time to give you a gown-break. The red carpet also saw a smart change with Jane Lynch adorning the classic black suit. Robin Wright chose black too; it went perfectly well with her hair and her frame. Rose Byrne picked a horizontal tummy-slit gown that shone like her name and as far as Julianne Hough is concerned, I am still not sure how I feel about the net layering attached to a shoulder-support swim-suit.

I know that you are extremely smart and of course already know what we procured for you- a stylish suit ensemble. Tada! This Hibiscus jacket by Rachel Roy is edgy but young, sorted but carefree. I am sure you can’t let go off this one.


Well, it is time to unleash the indispensable ‘Black’. Christiana Hendricks swayed her carved curves in the lovely Christian Siriano while Sarah Silverman, Vera Farmiga and Amy Poehler, ended up in the black Brian Renne for Basler, that suited them the best. We have for you an impeccable Alexander McQueen Crepe Gown. It has the perfect blend of bling and black, has a complimenting neckline and a silhouette that makes sure you are dressed to and for the kill.


Even though Amanda Peet, Jessica Lange and Aubrey Plaza went in for a black Marios Schwab, they could not leave as great an impact as Lena Headey did with her sexy and flattering black number. She made sure everyone got as red-carpet heady as possible. For you, findable has an embroidered Alexander McQueen that will make you want to personally find and kill every competitor eyeing this beauty, so that you can own and flaunt this surreal gown.


The classics and pastels tend to stay, but a bit of colour here and there is what adds real life to the partaaayyy. Jessica Pare adorned a risky Oscar de la Renta but pulled it off in style. Allison Janney went for a light and uplifting Lorena Sarbu while Anna Faris and Sarah Paulson rolled in some bright and chirpy solids. We, at findable.in, love you too much. No wonder, we got for you a strapless orange hue-pleat Alexander McQueen silhouette dress, to die for. The cameras already seem to be flashing their way to glory as you will definitely look every bit red carpet in this one. Be careful, lest you hit the blind spot!

Time for an Emmy trend run-through-

  • Emerald- the gem, not just the colour, saw its presence with quite a few leading ladies. Sophia Vergara, Christina Hendricka and Sarah Hyland stood out in their emerald-studded jewellery pieces.
  • Full ball gown skirts took the lead with sheer bottoms on a close second. Julianne Hough, Leslie Mann and Lena Headey, had quite a lot to show ;)
  • Amy Poehler and Anna Chlumsky made sure hips get the right treatment and attention. Both chose gowns with embellished pockets.
  • Tomato red lips are still quite a standout. Elizabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks and Claire Danes pouted the tangy colour.
  • The hair took a beach wave direction with Anna Chlumpsky, Taylor Schilling and Rose Byrne opting for laid-back curls.

So, now that you have all possible Emmy scoop, both the history and the fashion reel, you better pace up, get into a pair of killer stilettos, browse through the Findable website or the nearest Findable stores and upgrade your fashion wardrobe with a quintessential Emmy number.

To stay on top of the trend charts- Knowledge is not enough; action is!

Image Courtesy: haydenwilliamsfashionillustrations.blogspot.in, nytimes.com , eonline.com

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