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I have been battling with my eyebrows for years, they drive me insane.

Many hours have been spent over the years tending to my uneven and sparse brows.  I have tried everything – waxing, threading, tinting and nothing ever lasts for more than a few weeks.


So then I gave up completely and just plucked and ended up filling them in daily with eyeshadows and brow pallets.  But I love the no make up look and am trying to go make-up free as often as I can right now in a bid to get better skin.

Brows are so important as they shape the face, I love full brows but not perfectly perfect brows.

So this week I took the plunge and went to visit ‘Queen of The Brow’ Tracie Giles to get… wait for it tattooed brows.




I had heard about permanent brows for a while and have always been a bit scared. The last thing I wanted was scary slug brows, also known as the ‘Scouse brow’.

But I couldn’t be happier with them - they’re ‘perfectly imperfect’ so when I am not wearing make up they don’t look false.


During my two-hour appointment, Tracie said permanent make-up is becoming increasingly popular so who am I to argue?

I arrived at Tracie’s plush salon in Kensington and Tracie sat with me and mapped out my perfect brow.

She made sure to take it in steps because she knew how nervous I was and started by drawing on with pencil how she thought they should look.


Tracie was so friendly and she made sure I was totally happy with what she was doing and we were totally on the same page when it came to the look.

Then she used a facial compass and measuring devices to make sure the arch was in exactly the right place so that it would suit my face.

Next came the horrible bit… the needle.

Using the latest digital technology, the 3D Brow Treatment ensures eyebrows are strengthened and defined with delicate strokes of mineral pigment infused into the epidermis of the skin. You can see the technique used in the photos, although the blonde girl is obviously not me! 


I’m not going to lie, it did hurt at first, despite the numbing cream. They have to make deep insertions to ensure that the colour lasts as long as possible and it doesn’t come off through facial scrubs and creams.

Then more numbing cream goes on and the incisions are more like lighter scratches. Tracie also made sure the colour of my new brow matched my skin tone and hair colour.


Apparently good eyebrows are the ultimate in anti-ageing and can be like a facelift so I am now rocking these until I am 90!

The overall effect gives the face total symmetry and an added ‘boost’ with fantastic anti-ageing properties; rejuvenated brows ‘lift’ the face giving an overall more groomed finish.

It took about 2 hours from start to finish and is supposed to last between 9 and 18 months after which I will need a top up rather than a full redesign.

Tracie Giles

Prices start from £495 - www.traciegiles.co.uk

Anyway, let me know what you think.

Binky xxx

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